Your New Mexico Slip & Fall Accident Attorneys

Accidents happen—but if it’s the direct result of someone else’s negligence regarding their property or facility, it’s not your fault and you shouldn’t have to be penalized for it. Injuries sustained due to slip and fall accidents are oftentimes serious, and can create prolonged recovery, chronic pain, loss of income due to absence from work, and so much more. You need an attorney to help you hold the guilty party accountable so you can finally start to get your life back on track. The attorneys at Ring Jimenez, P.C. are here to fight for you!

Common Causes of Slip & Fall Accidents

  • Lack of caution signage
  • Failure to maintain property
  • Uneven and/or wet surfaces
  • Potholes in parking lots
  • Trash and debris
  • Poor facility lighting

How Ring Jimenez, P.C. Can Help You

At Ring Jimenez, P.C., we have extensive experience handling slip and fall accidents in Albuquerque and throughout the state of New Mexico. Some property and business owners cut corners on safety to save money. Certain standards are required to be upheld by building management and failure to do so is breaking the law. Get the justice you deserve! To schedule a free consultation give us a call or text us at 505-373-3333.

Injured? Not Sure If You Have a Case?